Christian Wegener is a Berlin-based sound designer, producer and musician who released his first album Alchemy - a combination of classic electronic loops and oriental sound spheres - in 2007 under his artist name Krischan. 


His small but efficient studio "Weitblick" in the heart of Berlin enables him to realize new musical ideas in the context of experimental sounds, meanwhile also in the interaction of international artists and newly generated soundtracks.


In 2010 he fulfilled a heart's desire to transform all the novels and stories by Stanislaw Lem, a Polish science fiction author, into his musical transcendence - a great challenge. The first part of this planned 3 CD set is already released - Lyrics in Electronic Music (L.E.M.) .


With the next album, Waveforms, Krischan returned to his familiar simply generated pad and drone lines, which he expanded with self-recorded noises and artificial soundscapes, combined with a mix of powerful arpeggios that gave the album its name. The recurring melody - sometimes in the foreground, sometimes just a distant reduced echo - runs through all the pieces and defines the musical line of the entire album.


With his first double album Inferno he tells the story of the Italian philosopher Dante Alighieri and his journey through the medieval hell of his famous "Divine Comedy". More than two hours of inspiring classical and electronic music in 24-bit quality, which was supplemented in spring 2018 by the second part of the journey to the so-called "Purification Mountain" - the Purgatorium, again as a double studio album.


Krischan currently devotes himself to the so-called granular synthesis, which on his current album TJA is a reminiscence of the Berlin School and the late techno years.